Wreck Race drone montage – #wrakatak Lublin 2016

I had some fun with drone footage this week. The first one in a series in Let It Fly videos!


This is a one-minute, fast-paced cut made from footage captured during a wreck racing event in Lublin, Poland. Our newly formed team, Let It Fly, left the day with tons of land and drone footage. I was in charge of editing this one. Aerial photography goes great with this kind of gig, and I couldn’t resist squeezing in some slo-mo shots.

As for the lessons learned, we’ll be looking into alternative video sharing platforms, as some fast-paced editing doesn’t go particularly well with the heavy compression on YouTube. Meanwhile, we’ve had a decent start with our Facebook page, reaching almost 5,000 people in our first day. Go ahead and take a look; there will be more videos in the near future :)

Credits are displayed at the end of the video.

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