Vocal replacement – 2012 sentence mixing test

Here’s a little test I’ve made two years ago. I replaced the vocals of Jon Fratelli with ones constructed from Franz Ferdinand acapellas.

Way back then I used to do a lot of Sentence Mixing – it’s a technique in which audio samples of speech and dialogue are mixed and spliced into new words and sentences. I had a bit of success with taking words of characters and make them recite song lyrics back in early 2009, and in 2010 I started adding pitch shifting. When I started using acapellas in my work, I found them not only to be an excellent source for sentence mixing, but also very cooperative with subtle pitch modification, without the harsh Autotune-like treatment.

I thought I was going to finish it one day, but so much time has passed, I’ve decided to just upload what I had.

The recordings are by Drop the Gun Recordings, Domino Publishing and Universal Music, used in this video under Fair Use for non-commercial, transformative work.

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