The Fox Without Music (KissTV 2014)

The huge viral hit by Ylvis pretty much speaks for itself. You don’t need to take the music away to see its hilarity. But I did it anyway.

Commissioned by Spanish Kiss TV and LOLA-Madrid, this new Music Video Without Music leads the successful ad campaign into the new year, paired with Work Bitch Without Music. I edited a 30 second clip out of The Fox music video and presented an alternative version without music by mixing a large number of sound recordings together.
It is currently being broadcast on KissTV, a Spanish music television channel as part of their campaign, A favor de la musica (All for the Music). Presenting music videos deprived of their instrumental tracks draws attention to how much difference music can make.

While the idea is simple, the process is more complicated – the whole audio track needs to be pretty much rebuilt. Thanks to the new 30-second focus and the availability of acapella tracks, the task is not as daunting as it may sound. Quite the contrary!

Sound recordings were provided by the awesome folk at FreeSound.org, and they have made them public domain. And special thanks to kMoon who has provided the recording of footsteps on grass!

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