Sequence 1



Adding multiple shots from scenario templates
is not available in this prototype.

Drag shots to reorder. Use buttons below each shot to delete, edit or duplicate shot.

1.1 ...
1.2 ...
1.3 ...
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1.6 ...
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This is where the defaults for new shots will be set.

This function is not a part of this prototype.

Free camera
drag to adjust view

Shot 1.X

This will overwrite the current shot.

Quick jump:

Stage library

This feature isn't available yet.

It would allow placing basic geometric shapes on the scene, such as walls or chairs.

Support for more Collada (.dae) models is planned for detailed props - newspapers, weapons, etc.

Merge two shots together to show motion:

Use mouse, tablet or touchscreen to add your own details on top of the rendered scene:

Export this shot only as an image file; save on your computer/device or cloud:


Use your mouse, tablet or touchscreen to draw on top of the shot.
Click on one of the buttons below when you're ready.

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