Rapid Storyboarding – proof-of-concept 3D web app for video makers

I was a tired of all the drag-and-drop apps around, so I went to make my own using glorious 3D.

Honestly, I think all of us video makers deserve something better. This may not be the finished thing, it doesn’t save or load properly (in fact, it lacks any sort of back-end), but the user and degree show visitor responses were overwhelmingly positive. But the code… oh, the code. Don’t look at the code. The whole thing runs on duct-tape, sweat and tears. This particular prototype is from May 2015.



Project page: http://mgackowski.com/storyboard

My Interaction Design blog: http://mgackowski.com/dixd

In brief:
The video is a quick run through a basic prototype of a storyboarding app I’ve made. At its current stage it’s more of a proof-of-concept rather than a functional utility. Nevertheless, in order to create it I’ve done extensive user research, testing, and a lot of trial and error with code. Click the link to find out more, read the development blog, and try out the prototype!

I have reached the limit of what I’m able to do alone with this – if you’re a company interesting in developing the project further, please contact me through the link on the top of the page – many thanks for your interest.

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