Microsoft Interns promotional video – Poland, 2015

A two-and-a-half minute video promoting Microsoft’s internships in the city of Warsaw.


Every year Microsoft Poland releases a promotional video for their internship programs in Warsaw, showcasing their headquarters, working atmosphere and energy. This year I was contacted by Weronika, project manager, with an offer to participate in the creation of the 2015 video. I grabbed my friend and partner in crime Jakub, and after a couple of emails and Skype conferences we received a rough script. In a few days, we turned it into a set of storyboards and a schedule and took off to Warsaw.

Filming took two long days. During that time, Jakub’s technical experience let him take initiative with setting up and shooting the scenes, while I made sure we were sticking to the vision.

Post-production was somewhat delayed by lack of consensus in the music department, but after some extra funding we were able to use the perfect piece. Pinkzebra’s energetic, modern track gave the visuals some perk. After a few iterations and rough cuts, and Jakub’s fresh coat of paint, we had the final version.

The video premiered in Lodz, the Polish capital of film.



Mikolaj Gackowski – directing, storyboarding, editing, VFX

Jakub Matras – photography, color correction, logistics

Weronika Skowera – script, project management, catering

Starring (in order of appearance, interns in bold): Waldemar Podgórski, Weronika Skowera, Natalia Wochtman, Joanna Frej, Julia Rozenberg, Fabian Kapuscik, Anastazja Dębowska, Michał Mroczkowski, Maciej Bandurski, Bernard Sidor, Klaudia Chłopaś, Diana Oleksiuk, Wiktor Fido, Remi Wojtczak

Music: Voyeur by Jingle Punks, Larger Than Life by pinkzebra

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