I Really Like You Without Music (CollegeHumor)

Enjoy watching Carly Rae Jepsen and Tom Hanks in our ‘musicless’ take on their collaboration.

My fourth collaboration with entertainment website Collegehumor. We brought the beloved “Music Videos Wihout Music’ formula and applied it to I Really Like You. Is Tom Hanks just as charming if we take away the music from the video? Well, obviously, yes.

Here’s a quick rundown for the newcomers. Since late 2012 I worked on a thing called Music Videos Without Music; I would grab popular music videos and ‘rebuild’ their audio tracks to visualise (or rather, make audible) how the footage could have sounded like underneath the music. I work on the concept and execution from the empty project all the way to a finished render. I find recordings (now almost all of the sound effects I use are exclusively public domain), match them against the video, mix them to create a convincing soundscape and apply additional effects. I watch the results, get feedback, keep iterating.

The jolly nice people at CollegeHumor like the work I do, and help me out with additional recordings, casting and ideas (not to mention giving my work a very broad reach). For example, they endeavoured to find the perfect Tom Hanks soundalike and got him into their studio to record the lines we needed for the “musicless” version. They also recorded all the additional people, watched through every version I sent them and gave feedback, and finally uploaded the final version to their platform, giving the video more exposure than I could ever get on my own (Gangnam Style was a lucky shot).

I hope you enjoy the video!

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