Happy Without Music (KissTV 2014)

In my eighth Music Video Without Music I find out just how much happiness remains in the video when you take the tune away. It was commissioned by KissTV and LOLA-Madrid as part of the 2014 ad campaign, A Favor de la Musica (All for the Music).

“Music Videos Without Music” is a type of creative remix I’ve started back in late 2012 with the upload of Gangnam Style Without Music. With the help of acapella tracks and audio recordings, I mix down an alternative sound track for a music video – one that is missing music, and humorously exposes the “nakedness” and ridiculousness of music videos.

The music video for Happy was especially interesting, since every shot stars a different person. So many personalities cannot be replaced by readily available acapella tracks, so I engaged volunteers, invited them to sound booths and directed some pretty crazy recording sessions to get the most ridiculous vocal performances out of them.

Again, thanks to the people at FreeSound.org for releasing public domain sound recordings for me to use.

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