DJCAD 2015 Degree Show – Rapid Storyboarding app

The Degree Show space is open to the public, and if you’re looking for details, you will find them here.


I am part of SocialDigital, a grouping of designers from Product Design (PD) and Digital Interaction Design (DIxD) courses at the University of Dundee in Scotland. There are almost forty of us, and we dedicate this weekend, as well as the entire next week, to presenting our work during a Degree Show in the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

If you have already seen our exhibition space, thank you for coming. This post will list some links for further reading. If not, follow this Facebook event.


My project – Rapid Storyboarding

Rapid Storyboarding

Much of today’s video pro­duc­tion is in the hands of the di­gital gen­er­a­tion. And while there are many mod­ern tools to aid scriptwrit­ing and edit­ing, there is little choice in terms of cap­able story­board­ing soft­ware.

Pa­per can seem out of place, es­pe­cially when time and draw­ing skill are not al­ways avail­able. A prop­erly de­signed app could handle ren­der­ing and pro­to­typ­ing 3D movie scenes in a mat­ter of minutes.

This pro­ject aims to de­velop a pro­to­type app for rapid story­board­ing geared spe­cific­ally at small, in­de­pend­ent film­makers. Cre­at­ing and it­er­at­ing on di­gital sets could free them from “pa­per com­mit­ment” and en­cour­age ex­per­i­ment­a­tion.

For development details, visit my DIxD blog.

Information on the project can be found specifically under the honours project category.

To access the current prototype, follow this link.

More about SocialDigital

To find out more about SocialDigital and our projects, you can visit our webpage.

We also have a section dedicated to Digital Interaction Designers at the official 2015 degree show website.

You can follow us on Facebook as well.

I will be updating this post with a video containing fragments of our work.

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