Wreck Race drone montage – #wrakatak Lublin 2016

I had some fun with drone footage this week. The first one in a series in Let It Fly videos!


‘WiFi’ exhibition in Seoul – running October 11th-23rd

I am happy to share that my work will be part of a South Korean exhibition by Minyung Im.

Microsoft Interns promotional video – Poland, 2015

A two-and-a-half minute video promoting Microsoft's internships in the city of Warsaw.

Showreel from 2015

Mikolaj Gackowski - 2015 demo from Mikolaj Gackowski on

Rapid Storyboarding – proof-of-concept 3D web app for video makers

I was a tired of all the drag-and-drop apps around, so I went to make my own using glorious 3D.

SocialDigital degree show banner

DJCAD 2015 Degree Show – Rapid Storyboarding app

The Degree Show space is open to the public, and if you're looking for details, you will find them here.

Sound Design for Noonie Bao’s “I’m In Love”

The Swedish singer-songwriter kicks off her second album with a catchy rhythm and a wild music video.