Bad Girls Without Music (KissTV 2013)

After the success of Gangnam Style Without Music, I have expanded the technique to other music videos. I was approached by Spanish marketing agency LOLA-Madrid and asked to create more.

This is the original, four-minute video with the replaced audio I have edited. This would officially count as my second Music Video Without Music, made at the same time as Party Rock Anthem Without Music (also with LOLA-Madrid). It was originally intended to be featured in a non-profit anti-piracy campaign.

Instead, a Spanish music television channel, KissTV, picked up the videos. They normally broadcast music videos, and they have incorporated 30 second fragments of those Music Videos Without Music into their promotional ad campaign (“If you take away the music, you take away the meaning.”)

Below is the trimmed, broadcast version:

This is an ongoing ad campaign and continues to be broadcast on Spanish television as of April 2014.

The full credits are included at the end of the first video.

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