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Sound Design for Noonie Bao’s “I’m In Love”

The Swedish singer-songwriter kicks off her second album with a catchy rhythm and a wild music video.

Turn Down For What Without Music (CollegeHumor)

This is possibly the most disturbing Music Video Without Music yet. But in a good way. Maybe.


We won a Webby Award!

Music Videos Without Music: We Can't Stop, a video I've created with CollegeHumor, just won a Webby in the Video Remixes/Mashup category. ...

Right Thoughts, No Words, No Action

This is how the brilliant Franz Ferdinand music video would look like if the band never showed up. Hey, these things happen. ...

Vocal replacement – 2012 sentence mixing test

Here's a little test I've made two years ago. I replaced the vocals of Jon Fratelli with ones constructed from Franz Ferdinand acapellas. ...

Happy Without Music (KissTV 2014)

In my eighth Music Video Without Music I find out just how much happiness remains in the video when you take the tune away. It was commissioned by KissTV and LOLA-Madrid as part of the 2014 ad campaign, A Favor de la Musica (All for the Music). ...